Railflex 2 baseplates Reviews
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"Mount these plates directly to a flat ski so railflex bindings can be mounted to them! A necessary part if you want railflex bindings on a flat ski. When you order a Railflex binding, these plates are included automatically at no extra charge. Usually people purchase the plates alone if they somehow ended up with a railflex binding without plates, or if they have multiple pairs of skis and just want to use one set of bindings."

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By JacMan from Fort Worth, TX on 03/14/2012
Pros: Versatility
Cons: NONE!
Easy to mount, lets me swap my binding between skis. And nobody even comes close to matching Level9 price.
Railflex 2 baseplates
By skinnyskis from Great White North on 01/30/2012
Pros: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility
Cons: max din of 14 (the system may develop a slight amout of play at higher dins)
16 plates in use by this family with everthing from grom twins to dedicated bump skis to powder fattys in this family's quiver. With a new boots every year for the young ones, this system makes things easy. My oldest is now only 3" shorter than me so he is eyeing my favorites. Sometimes moving your mounting point a cm or two can optimize your skis flex pattern and turn a good ski into a great one.
Railflex 2 Baseplate Review
By CA/CO Skier from California/Colorado on 05/01/2011
Pros: Great inexpensive solution to share bindings amonsgt multiple pairs of skis
Cons: None
My girlfriend and I have several pairs of skis between us on which we've mounted Railflex 2 Baseplates we purchased from Level9. We use a couple different Railflex 2 bindings with different brake widths, and slide them on the skis we want to use on a particular day. Great solution which also makes it really easy to transport skis without the bindings when traveling.

We had some issues when a local shop installed the first set of baseplates we ordered. Level9 customer support was fantastic over the phone and through email. Can't say enough about them, and always tell people who are looking to buy ski gear about Level9 - great prices and support! Terrific outfit all the way around! ;-)
One binding, several pairs of skis
By Snow RIder from North Tahoe on 03/26/2011
Pros: Great mounting system
Cons: No longer available
Put these plates on several pairs of skis and just slide the binding set off of one pair and onto another. I have several brake widths, so I use them on powder skis and groomer skis.
L9 Q&A
By L9 CS Team on 10/16/2010
Railflex? What's Railflex you ask? We'll tell you... just, well, ask.