Tyrolia LD Power Brake Arms Reviews
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"Superfatty brakes for your superfatty skis. Only will work with Tyrolia (or Tyrolia made) LD bindings, such as a Free Flex, LD 12, Mojo 12, etc. Just chat us which binding and ski you have, and we'll match it up with the right brake."

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Fatty Brakes
By Dude from Salt Lake City on 03/14/2014
Pros: They work
Cons: None yet
These brakes were required when I purchase my Tyrolia Freeflex bindings. (a great price I might add)
Bindings & brakes work fabulously on the Rossi Super 7's. All is good. Pray for snow!
Tyrolia LD 115 brakes
By The Best Skier at Big Sky from Big Sky, duh on 11/14/2013
Pros: Tyrolia's are the best bindings
Cons: none
Level Nine hooked me up with the fat brakes I need. Ordered 115's for my 108 skis, the fit is perfect.

Tyrolia's are the best bindings. I am a beater and I am known for my spectacular wipeouts on sketchy terrain. I have never, ever prereleased with Tyrolia's and they always release smoothly when I beat it in.
Quick service
By Patrick from California on 06/25/2013
Pros: Quick service
Cons: None
Quick service and the right part. The staff is always eager to make it right. I had returns in the past that went smoothly. Great store.
Fits 2013 Rossi Squad 7 nicely
By rob from Shefford, QC (Canada) on 06/25/2013
Pros: Fits Tyrolia-made Elan Bindings
Double-check with L9 staff if unsure about fitting and compatibiliy. Very helpful... Thanks guys!
does its job
By Paul from Highlandl lakes, n.j. on 03/15/2013
Pros: great when you need a wider brake.
Cons: none
you might have to have a "Remount" if you bring it to a shop to have the wide brakes installed.
I work in a shop so I put them on myself.
Now the little lady can ski her pow skis.
In a nut shell L9 got the brakes to me FASTER than if I went through Head.Tyrolia!
Fitting issues
By M_V_C on 02/14/2012
Cons: didnt fit with my 4frnt tyrolia bindings
would've been fine except they didnt fit my bindings, more an issue with tyrolia not specifying their different bindings.
Fat and Happy
By El Jimador from Columbia Gorge on 02/14/2012
Pros: they fit my old Tyrolia SP9's
Cons: zippo
These 130 mm LD brakes fit my old Tyrolia SP9 rental bindings that I installed onto my 125mm under foot home made powder boards. They work great, retract out of the way and stop the sticks on groom.

They also comb my hair, cut sushi, and wave shaka's for the fingerless.
Super Great
By L9 Amanda on 02/28/2011
I have the 130mm arms on a pair of Mojo 12's mounted to Surface New Lifes that are 122mm underfoot. There is a tidbit of overhang when I'm clicked in but nothing noticeable while I'm skiing the freshest of the fresh.
L9 Reviews
By L9 CS Team on 10/16/2010
These aren't any more powerful than other brakes, but they solve wide ski fit issues. Let us help you find the right brake for your skis, just ask about them here.