Head 2011 Peak 82 All Mountain Skis Reviews
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"Most skiers know this ski as the Monster 82, but it has been rebadged with a couple new features for the 2011 season. The Head Peak 82 now has Flow Ride technology at the shovel, to give some of the effects of an early rise ski, without loosing the stability at higher speeds and more aggressive turning. The dampening that the Monster series is well known for is carried through the Peak series, and the Peak 82 can plow through any terrain without the jolting and jarring of less technologically advanced skis. This ski is fast and stable, yet remarkably easy to turn and control at slower speeds."

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L9 Q&A
By L9 CS Team on 10/16/2010
The term all-mountain gets thrown around a lot but these beasts truly can conquer the whole mountain?before lunch. Ask us how here.